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Adventures of the Traveling Nana 2019

Remains of the Day, 12 x 24

Utah to Costa Rica and back

November 2018 – February 2019

It was great to get back to sunny Costa Rica. We had a busy season at the Inn in New York, so it was time for a change, time to relax and enjoy the laid back style of Costa Rica. I also look forward to the warmer weather. November in Costa Rica is still raining, but less each day. (By the way, it is not cold when it rains.) The mornings are beautiful; blue skies, puffy clouds and lots of sun. The temperature is constant all year; 85 degrees in the day, 75 at night.

This trip I got some great shots of some really cool birds. The one to the right is the Masked Tyra. I had been trying to get a photo for a while, so was thrilled to capture this one. The birds below are regular visitors to the property. I took all of these from the deck of the house.

I stayed the full length of the allowed visa (90 days), returned to Utah for a short visit, then returned in March for another month. Long stays have become the norm for me. There is no other way to immerse, learn and get into the rhythm of a place.

Paintings inspired by Costa Rica

Utah, New York, Utah, New York

April to October 2019

I landed in Utah to see friends and family, read my mail, get my hair done and see a glimpse of spring. The first spring buds were just emerging, so I headed out to paint this small piece; ‘First Green’, 8″ x 10″. Standing in a pasture always rejuvenates me. Ahhhh…..

Now off to Upstate New York. This time, in order to arrive early, I flew in. My grandson, John, had a very special engagement in Los Angeles. My daughter arranged for him to meet the Irwin Family at their annual gala event for the Austrailia Zoo. John is a huge fan of Steve Irwin, and an avid snake hunter. I flew back later to get my car. By mid-May, I was settled in at the Inn in New York and ready for the season. I made it a point to go out once a week as weather permitted. I joined the art group to paint every other week. Below are a few paintings from the summer. After Labor Day, a small group of painters spent 4 days in the Adirondaks near Old Forge. It was a wonderful! There was even a National watercolor exhibit showing while we were there.

October arrived and it was time to say goodbye to New York. We sold the Inn mid-season and stayed on to complete it for the new owners. I am so grateful to the Inn and all those we served and worked with. It was an amazing experience. Upstate New York is truly a beautiful area. The vacationing guests were a joy and pleasure to meet. Waterfalls, large farms, lakes and beautiful State Parks are painters heaven. I do hope to return one day and really be a tourist!

I made a fast trip back to Utah in order to prepare to be in Costa Rica for 2 and 1/2 months. I didn’t stop to paint, but did stop at Letchworth State Park, New York and a small museum in Cozad, Nebraska, The Robert Henri Museum. It was treat! I had stopped twice before as I drove back and forth between Utah and New York, only to find it closed each time. This time, they would have been closed for the season, but, luck was in my favor, they were having a special event the very day I stopped. I was treated to a guided tour of the Henri home and gallery. Myself and other guests were enriched by the curator, who spoke about the gallery filled with original paintings and drawings by Robert Henri! So cool! I studied him in art history. My favorites were the drawings. Check out this YouTube video. If you are ever going through Cozad, Nebraska, it is worth the stop.

Costa Rica

October 2019

Sunset of Orange and Violet

October is rainy in Costa Rica, November the rains lessen and everything is lush and beautiful! The clouds make for beautiful sunsets and you have the beaches to yourself.

Home for the Holiday

I timed this trip so I would be home for Christmas. I had not spent the Christmas holiday with family in 4 years. The weather was thankfully mild. It is a physical challenge coming from the tropics with very high humidity and warm temperatures to the ultra dry and cold of the West. I shrivel up before the plane lands and my hair goes straight and flighty.

Time went quickly, there was shopping, wrapping, visiting, eating and before I knew it, the holiday had past and the time came to return to Costa Rica for the remaining of the winter. Life is great! Hasta Luego! 2019. See you soon.

Winter Paintings

Winter is a time to work in the studio.  Naturally, winter paintings appear on the easel.  I have especially enjoyed painting and writing during this unusually mild winter.  Below are some offerings from this season.

A season of stillness and resilience
A season of strength and endurance
Life retreats to reflect on days of abundance and warmth
Awaiting the day to expand into growth again.
– Karrie Baldwin

Golden Light, 20" x 24"
Golden Light, 20″ x 24″

 I just loved the contrast of the colorful chickens against the snow.

Black & Green, 10″ x 10″

Golden Ear, 12″ x 12″









These paintings are available.

A New Year, 2015

Breaking Waves (Rompiendo las Olas), 11 x 14


I begin this new year with a renewed commitment to post more frequently about my art work and upcoming activities.  I look forward to your feedback and connection.  This is a new blog located within my website and is not connected to my previous blog posts.

I am very excited that travel is in my future.  New subject matter is sure to make its way into my paintings.   If you haven’t already noticed, my website includes a new gallery called ‘By the Sea’.  It includes recent paintings from a trip to Costa Rica amongst other places I have been.  More images will be added soon, I am returning this spring to Costa Rica!  The painting above is from my favorite beach in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica.

I wish the very best to all in the upcoming year.  May inspiration and creativity be present for you each and every day!


Artist Retreat in Costa Rica

I recently returned from a 5 week visit to Costa Rica.  I had a fabulous time and met many wonderful people.  During my stay I held an Artist Retreat at Los Tres Arroyos, my home away from home.  A vacation destination that has everything; an observatory style home, 36 acres of jungle, views of the ocean, flowers, birds, hiking trails and more.  The weather was perfect, making painting and site seeing the tops.  There will be more retreats in the future.  Check our website for upcoming dates.

Here are a couple plein air paintings that I completed at the Retreat.  Forest View, 11 x 14 from Los Tres Arroyos.  Shady Beach, 7 x 11, painted at Manuel Antonio Beach.  This painting sold from my easel to a new friend from Canada!

ForestView_kbaldwin_sm Shadybeach_kbaldwin_sm








Below are some highlights from the retreat.

New Paintings, Friends and Travel

Since returning from Costa Rica in April, I have continued to paint and travel closer to home.  It seems I am inspired by the beautiful landscape where ever I may be.  I started exploring in my backyard and these cherry blossoms called to me.

Spring Orchard, 11" x 14"
Spring Orchard, 11″ x 14″

Later in April, I ventured out to paint with the Plein Air Painters of Utah in the San Rafael Swell by invitation of my mentor, Bonnie Posselli.  This magnificent landscape was a mere 3 hour drive from my home.  The group’s artists were welcoming and the weather near perfect.  We explored and painted, then returned to the campsite and were serenaded by the talented artist/musicians, Stephen Staufer and John Hughes.  Check out highlights from the trip in this article by  Below are a few paintings from the trip.

During a wet weekend in May, I traveled south to Mount Carmel, Utah to attend the Maynard Dixon Camp Out.  The participating artists painted in between storms and ended the week with a fantastic show of paintings.  In fact, I could not resist taking home a painting of J. Ken Spencer, an outstanding painter.  Despite the weather, there were many rays of sunshine;  catching up with old friends, making new friends, inspiration by an incredible landscape, and witnessing the creation of art by some of the top artists in the region.  Oh, one more thing, I got to paint with Bonnie Posselli (who invited me to the event), and friends George Handrahan and Shanna Kunz.  It was a fabulous trip!

Finally, during the Memorial Day weekend, I traveled to Spring City with friend a fellow painter Tamara Lindsay for the city’s annual Heritage Days.  While there, I painted the infamous Horse Shoe, though it was hidden a good part of the time.

Lifting Clouds, 11" x 14"
Lifting Clouds, 11″ x 14″

Heading into summer, I will travel north to Ogden, Utah, then to San Clemente, California and back again to Midway, Utah to participate in the plein air events in those cities.  Look me up if you are in the area.

By the way, all the images posted are available for sale.  Please contact me at  If you made it through this rather long post, let me know if you prefer to hear from me more often, the same or less.

My best wishes to you.  Travel safe this summer!

Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground, –Theodore Roosevelt

Karrie Baldwin


A Summer of Painting

Summer is just about over, and what a summer it has been!  During June, I traveled to California then Ogden and Midway, Utah to participate in plein air events, painting several paintings for each event.  ‘Looking East’ received an honorable mention in the Midway event.

In mid July, I traveled to Texas to explore and paint studies for a commission.  I completed and delivered the 36″ x 48″ painting this week.   This painting was a challenging and inspiring undertaking to complete in one month.  The view from the property is called Inspiration Point, I hope that I captured the grandeur of the place in the painting.  Upon returning from Texas, I met up with my good friend and fantastic painter, George Handrahan and painted in the Tremonton area of northern Utah.  This trip came with an unexpected surprise when I sold the painting almost from the easel  (I took the painting home to finish).  You never know when this will happen, but it is a fun experience.

Next month, will bring new paintings from Costa Rica as I travel to my home away from home.   I will miss some fall events and friends who will be there, but will return with new inspiration and plans for holiday shows.  The first show being the long tradition of ‘Those Art Girls” getting together.  October 17, from 10am to 4pm, Morag Totten, Alison Armstrong, Gloria Montgomery and myself will have art available for holiday gift giving.  Save the date for this fun, casual, gift show at 5801 Kingsford Ave. Park City.

Below are some of the paintings that came to being this summer.  ‘Sunlit Poppies’, ‘Light in the Morning’ and ‘Parked’ are currently showing at Evergreen Gallery in Salt Lake City.  Evergreen Framing and Gallery will be celebrating 30 years of business in October with a show that includes all of their artists and a holiday show in early December.  Please stop by if you can.

I gratefully thank those who supported me with purchases this summer and to new acquaintances and old friends that I spent time with.

‘ The world is round so that friendship may encircle it’  – Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Summer Paintings 2015

Catch Me Now!

It has been a year full of fun, friends, travel and art.  Now autumn is here and the Holidays are just around the corner! Catch me at some shows before the cold sends to somewhere warm.

October 23, Evergreen Framing and Gallery is celebrating their 30th anniversary! 

I will be at the reception along with many other gallery artists that evening from 5:30 – 9:00 pm

Light on the Mountain, 12″ x 24″, Oil on Canvas

October 24, I join my long time friends for one day, Morag Totten and Gloria Montgomery

‘ Those Art Girls’ are having a gift show at 5801 Kingsford Ave, Park City, UT

from 10 to 4

New minature paintings, perfect for a holiday gift.

I was inspired during my last visit to Costa Rica to paint the lovely Hibiscus.

Hibiscus in the Sky, 3" x 3"
Hibiscus in the Sky, 3″ x 3″

I will have a collection of small paintings and popular prints and cards, as well as prints on demand.  Check out my website and order the print you like before the show.  Do this quickly and I will have it for you at the show, or you can order prints at the show and you will have them for the holidays.

I hope to see you soon!

Life is a canvas – Marietjie du Toit

Karrie Baldwin


Chow, Au Revoir 2015!

Hola… Salut 2016!  Family, friends and collectors, thank you for your ongoing support in my artistic endeavors.  Below are some of my favorites paintings that you bought this year.  I send a special thank you out to those collectors who made these purchases.  I am beyond grateful for your appreciation and connection to these captured moments.

See available paintings on my website.

2016 is looking better than ever!   March and August are dedicated for art retreats in Costa Rica!  Who can resist art in paradise?  Check it out.

Hasta Luego, A Bientot!


‘My friends have made the story of my life’ -Helen Keller

Whoa! Already Half Way Through The Year

It’s already the 24th, and this is my first post for July!  For those of you that don’t know me, I said Hasta Luego to my 9 to 5 some time ago.  Since that time, my concept of time has changed from knowing the date, time, month and year and exactly how many miles my car was getting per gallon on my commute from Heber to Salt Lake; to, I’d better write that down.

I started the year by spending the winter in Costa Rica.  It was fabulous!  Talk about off the grid….I embraced it wholeheartedly.  We had several families and friends spend their vacation in our house and a successful Creative and Spiritual Retreat.  We are planning another spring-time retreat and will have details soon.

Tranquillo, 7 x 14
Tranquillo, 7 x 14

Costa Rica offered some studio time.

Firey Sky
Firey Sky, 12 x 20

Now is time for plein air painting.  Here are some new pieces.

Red Cliffs, 8 x 16
Red Cliffs, 8 x 16

Edge of Town, 6 x 12
Edge of Town, 6 x 12

I am preparing to participate in a new event; The 2016 Celebration of the Arts.  A fundraiser to benefit the Kimball Art Center held at the Red Cliff Ranch, 9485 Lake Creek Road, Heber, UT   If you are in the Heber Valley, July 30 and 31, please stop by.

Click here for more details.

I look forward to painting in Spring City during their Plein Air Event this year, September 3rd.  (This piece was from a previous year.)

Old Gathering Place, 8 x 10
Old Gathering Place, 8 x 10

I hope to see you soon!


Feel free to share this newsletter with a friend who loves art and might enjoy my work.

“Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves”

-J.M. Barrie